Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Personalities of the Realm

A Sister of St George the patron saint of Skanderberg
Hans Von Wrede ambassador of Brussia

Herzog Louis, general of cavalry

Herr Schwarzenberg general of artillery and Fortresses

A washerwoman
Herr Pasa de Cassa official baker of the duchy


  1. Great to have you back in line!

    Excellent characters -and, since a Sister can be unveiled, Skanderberg is obviously among the most 'progressive' nations in our Age of Reason and Enlightenment.

  2. nice work, your shaming me. I had better get and paint some hesse cassoulet figures and give the intersufferable grinebulin some to be getting on about! Did get some figures for a town militia today that could be a start. nice work!


  3. You call her a washerwoman, we call him Graf von Spetzberg of Tradgar, Master of disguise!

    Lovely lovely work, I'm deeply envious.

  4. A disciple of the Chevalier d'Eon?
    I confess that the Eureka washerwoman is more... feminine.