Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vanessa the .................

A very fine lady of Skanderberg Vanessa the undresser and her lucky ducky!

Painted by my friend Michi in Germany, the miniature is a 28mm Eureka miniature.


  1. A fine and agreeable lady indeed! I remember to recommend her for a vignette of a French HQ by Lace Wars times (without the duck); the bathtub may be historically inaccurate as field equipment for the period, but who will notice and complain?

  2. Uh? . . . Oh, right, there IS a bathtub . . . for some reason I hadn't noticed the tub.


    -- Jeff

  3. May I use these pictures for an 'Age of Unreason' strip I have in mind?
    Ion (Archduke Piccolo)

  4. Crocodile Games also does have a fine one; the bathtub is obviously too modern for 18th C. Skanderberg (or Palace of the Elector Spiritual, how progressive this Good Man be) but it would not be difficult to correct. Besides, the bather and her duck can be obtained alone.