Thursday, October 28, 2010

Forelle Feld Regiments

The Cantons of Forelle Feld Brigades

All of the regiments are raised in the western lake districts, Colours for this region have a fish on the colonels colours, the Ducal colours remains the same for all regiments. The regiments are trained using instructors from Nouvelle Champagne using the latest weapons and drill. Many Foriegn officers serve in the Forelle Regiments bringing their expertise with them

Main geographic features of the western district are the five lakes - the Starnberger See and Ammersee, as well as the smaller Weßlinger See, Wörthsee and Pilsensee. The lakes were formed by the glaciers of the last ice age. Hence the district is also called Fünf-Seen-Land (five lake county).

Starnberger See Brigade

Ammersee Brigade

Forelle Fusilier Brigade

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